From field to fridge

At Uniekaas, we pride ourselves on our unique approach: from field to fridge. This means that we manage the entire chain. That is what makes Uniekaas not just any other organisation, but a unique one, and provides our buyers with the guarantee that we can always supply them with the best cheese.

The unique approach of Uniekaas

We believe that a commodity product like cheese can still be truly unique. At Uniekaas Holland, we make that possible. By staying true to who we are and continuing to challenge ourselves in terms of innovation, sustainability, quality and food safety, we manage to make every cheese unique.

We achieve this through:


At Uniekaas, we continuously strive to minimise our impact on the environment, society and animals. That is why we only use meadow milk for the Uniekaas brand cheeses and we take a critical look at our packaging to make it suitable for recycling.


Quality Complete quality control and chain management, from field to fridge. Thanks to the daily supply of fresh milk by the farmers in our cooperative, we can make our flavoursome cheeses according to BRC / IFS standards.


With the experience of the past, the knowledge of today and an eye to the future, we will always be the right partner for our customers when it comes to cheeses with the desired quality and the best possible price.

The oldest cheese brand in the Netherlands

In 1956, Uniekaas laid the foundation for the organisation that it is today. Back then, quality, knowledge and decisiveness were brought together to introduce the Netherlands’ first branded cheese. As such, we can proudly call ourselves the oldest cheese brand in the Netherlands.


Uniekaas Holland first started as a joint venture of several affiliated traders, but has since grown into a full chain partner. Over the years, the organisation has undergone constant change and has become more and more professional. One of the most significant changes happened in 2017 when we merged with Germany’s largest dairy concern: the DMK Group. However, our method of cheese making has never changed. We have always stayed true to our Dutch roots. This means we still make our cheeses according to our own recipes and Gouda traditions. And we will always continue to do so. The cheeses for the Uniekaas brand are still made using our own flavoursome recipes. Nowadays, this is done in the Alteveer cheese factory, where the rich cheese history and craftsmanship are very evident.

Our brands

De Goudse waag

Uniekaas is a proud partner of De Goudse Waag. In this historic weigh house, cheese products used to be weighed and traded. Today, it houses the Cheese and Crafts Museum.
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Our cheese-heads

Accessible and craftsmanship. Those two words best describe us. We know our colleagues, stay connected across the various locations and work closely together. As one team.



A true craft

More than two hundred passionate employees are responsible for the production of our products. Their knowledge, skill and many years of experience have elevated cheese production and processing to a true craft.

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    “What I particularly like about working at Uniekaas is the feeling that we are creating something great together. I see myself as the office mum who makes sure everything runs smoothly. I love it!”

    Sandra Chhanai | Management Assistent

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    “At Uniekaas, there is room for the individual as well as the collective. You can really make a difference, because there is always room for personal input and an entrepreneurial spirit. There is also a wonderful feeling of togetherness. We work together to achieve the best results and we are solution-oriented. If we need to think outside of our own department or responsibility, we do.”

    Annemieke Braber | National Account Manager


A true craft

More than two hundred passionate employees are responsible for the production of our products. Their knowledge, skill and many years of experience have elevated cheese production and processing to a true craft.


Part of the DMK Group

Uniekaas Holland BV is part of the DMK Group, one of the largest dairy concerns in Germany. Every year, the DMK Group processes 6.3 billion kilos of milk into dairy products. From cheese, fresh dairy products and ingredients to baby food, ice cream and whey products.

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DOC kaas

DOC Kaas U.A. is a traditional Dutch cheese manufacturer with a long and rich history. We have been producing dairy products at Alteveerstraat since 1895. Not far from there, at Zuivelpark in Hoogeveen, is our largest production location which was put into operation in 2003. We work from both locations to produce a wide range of top-quality dairy products.

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Our cheese

Our responsibility

We have been committed to sustainability from the very beginning. Now, we are stepping up our efforts. For example, we continuously work on minimising negative impact on the environment, society and animals.

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